Fort Worth ISD’s lone finalist for superintendent is expected to sign a contract Tuesday

TOWN OF FORT WORTH, TEXAS – The sole finalist for superintendent of Fort Worth ISD is anticipated to sign a contract on Tuesday.

Tuesday afternoon, trustees will attend a special board meeting to finalize the employment of Dr. Angelica Ramsey. Once official, she will be the 21st superintendent of the district.

Dr. Ramsey is from the Midland Independent School District in West Texas. She worked there for only one year, but she was credited with turning around the district.

Prior to that, she worked for a California school district and was known for assisting schools in demonstrating improvement.

As superintendent, Fort Worth ISD will welcome Dr. Angelica Ramsey.

It appears that Fort Worth ISD’s next superintendent has been selected. Dr. Angelica Ramsey is the sole finalist for the position of serving roughly 75,000 pupils and over 5,000 instructors in the district.

Ramsey stated in an interview with FOX 4 that her first actions in Fort Worth will be to meet with all stakeholders to discuss what she perceives to be three crucial questions.

“The first question is, “What are Fort Worth ISD’s strengths?” “What must we change?” is the second question. And last, what commitment can we expect from that individual, group, or partnership organization to assist us in advancing? “she concluded. “We are aware that we wish to continue advancing academics. This is my first priority — pupils come first. Additionally, we must examine our budget and sustain this effective bond program.”

Some parents have voiced resistance to her employment because they believe she will push unpopular subjects such as diversity and inclusivity.

“You guys didn’t listen at all. You squandered tens of thousands of dollars and many hours of parents who attended the superintendent search meeting “Hollie Plemons, a Fort Worth ISD parent, stated during the public comments segment of this week’s school board meeting. The results have been obtained, and we do not want them.

Ramsey stated that she values everyone’s viewpoint because she understands they all want what’s best for Fort Worth’s youngsters.

Dr. Kent Scribner, who retired last month, is replaced by her.

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