Fort Omaha Metro Community College Campus Opens Digital Express to Solve North Omaha’s Digital Divide

OMAHA, Nebraska (Nebraska) — Beverly Lachlum Taylor has overseen the construction of Metropolitan Community College’s (MCC) brand new digital library over the past year and a half.

Now the 13,000-square-foot space called “Digital Express” is complete.

Books in the Omaha Public Library and MCC systems are available for ordering.

The space is designed not only for the college community, but for the entire community, full access to technology, aimed at bridging the digital divide.

“It’s meeting a need that the community itself has said they have,” Taylor said.[We] should have done it.”

Digital Express offers a wide range of meeting spaces combined into a large common area. It has multiple computers, both PCs and Macs, as well as a full-service technology center where laptops and tablets can be checked out for use.

Called “Reboot Central,” it can also fix personal devices for next to nothing.

For some, Digital Express has already become a hit.

“This space gives me the opportunity to use equipment that I may not be able to buy right now,” said Shomari Huggins, a visitor.

“I use it as a place to collect my thoughts, retire and lock myself up without distractions,” said Johnny Nogood, another visitor.

Taylor hopes that more people in North Omaha and beyond will continue to discover space.


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