Fort Lupton police car was struck by a train while a 20-year-old Colorado woman was handcuffed in the back seat

Dramatic police footage captures the moment a freight train collided with a police patrol vehicle carrying a handcuffed 20-year-old woman. The Fort Lupton Police Department provided the station with eight minutes of edited video from the event, according to CBS Colorado.

Reporter Dillon Thomas posted an edited clip of the video, which depicts police speaking with the woman, the train colliding with the vehicle, and officers running to the wrecked vehicle to request rapid medical aid.

According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Yareni Rios-Gonzalez of Greeley remained hospitalized on Monday with life-threatening injuries received in the collision. She is anticipated to live.

Friday evening near Fort Lupton, multiple law enforcement agencies responded to a complaint of a road rage incident with a firearm. A Platteville police officer stopped Rios-vehicle Gonzalez’s right before a set of railroad tracks and parked his patrol car at the crossing.

While cops were checking her car, she was placed in the back of a police vehicle that was struck by a train.

The Fort Lupton Police Department said in a statement, “Officers conducted a search of the suspect car to ascertain whether anyone else was inside.” “In a couple of seconds, a northbound train struck the police van carrying the female inmate in Platteville. Officers from Fort Lupton promptly summoned medical help and initiated life-saving procedures.”

The Denver Post reported on Monday that an officer from the Platteville Police Department was placed on paid administrative leave. In an email to the newspaper, Police Chief Carl Dwyer withheld the officer’s name and refused to answer additional questions on the traffic stop and collision.

The Fort Lupton Police Department is conducting an investigation into the road rage report, while the Colorado State Patrol is conducting an investigation into the collision. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation is investigating why the lady was injured while in police custody.

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