Former village clerk in central Nebraska is accused of using village funds for purchasing items for personal use

LINCOLN, Nebraska — The allegations that a former village clerk in central Nebraska used village funds to purchase home canning supplies, lights of a Christmas-type variety, and liver cleanse tablets have been forwarded to the appropriate authorities for consideration of possible criminal prosecution.

In a report that was released on Monday, the Office of the Nebraska State Auditor noted that a former village clerk in Rockville named Amanda Green had used a village debit card to make a few purchases that looked to be for personal use.

These purchases included jars and other ingredients for home canning that cost a total of $368, as well as rope lighting that cost $42 and a jar of liver cleanse tablets that cost $32.

The auditor was also concerned about the lack of dual signatures on village checks, the fact that the village board had not approved $2,673 worth of purchases, and a conflict of interest involving one member of the village board, Tim Kusek, who failed to recuse himself when voting on village payments to him.

The matter was brought to the attention of the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office, the attorney for Sherman County, the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Commission, and the former clerk who was accused of misusing village funds. All of these entities have been asked to investigate the allegations against the former clerk.

Sherman County Attorney Heather Sikyta, who also serves as the Rockville village attorney, stated that the Rockville village council has initiated the process of evaluating what actions are necessary to fix the situation and receive repayment for the money that were utilized inappropriately.

Green, who served as the village clerk until the latter part of the previous year, did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment that was left for him on Monday.

The official statement that the village provided in response to the audit indicated that it had altered its policy on the usage of the village debit card and would make certain that Kusek’s salaries with the village were handled in the appropriate manner.

Northwest of Grand Island is the farming community of Rockville, which has a total population of 85 people.

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