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Former Monster Father Michael Valva’s Lawyer Makes Shocking Closing Statement in Murder Trial

“We don’t judge people because they’re bitches.”

That’s the argument defense attorney Angela Pollina, who forced her ex-fiancee’s 8-year-old son into a cold garage the night before his death, presented to jurors Thursday in a jaw-dropping ruling in his client’s murder in Suffolk County.

But the legal “Hail Mary” raised by attorney Matthew Tuohy during his debriefing was quickly quashed by Assistant District Attorney Kerrianne Kelly, who said that Pollina’s senseless and cruel treatment of little Thomas Valva directly led to the boy’s death from hypothermia.

“She admitted it was evil — and it was,” Kelly said. “She tortured them! Yelled at them! She kicked him out into the cold! Thomas was tortured and died for the sin of autism.”

The jurors entered into deliberations immediately after the climactic finale, which left several of the gallerygoers in tears. Their work will continue on Friday.

The emotional fireworks were a fitting end to Pollina’s two-week trial.

As the trial began, prosecutors said Pollina was just as guilty of little Thomas’ death as his own father, disgraced former NYPD cop Michael Valva, who was convicted of murder in November and sentenced to 25 years to life. behind bars. month.

Former Monster Father Michael Valva’s Lawyer Makes Shocking Closing Statement in Murder Trial
Angela Pollina’s lawyer said “we don’t judge people because they’re bitches” during closing arguments in her murder case on March 9, 2023.

Defense attorney Matthew Tuohy blamed Pollina's ex-Michael Valva for the boy's death.
Defense attorney Matthew Tuohy blamed Pollina’s ex-Michael Valva for the boy’s death.

The trial didn’t go well for the defense, especially since Pollina herself testified this week and made the jury gasp when she said it was “a little cold” but that she was “comfortable” the morning Thomas froze to death. in 2020.

A witness previously testified that Pollina cursed and yelled at the boy, and the couple bullied him because of his autism.

The prosecution also showed videos of Thomas and his older brother Anthony, then 10, shivering on the cement garage floor because Pollina demanded weeks ago that her then beau remove all amenities from the area.

Prosecutors said Pollina's mistreatment led to Thomas Valva's death in the garage.
Prosecutors said Pollina’s mistreatment led to Thomas Valva’s death in the garage.

Thomas died on January 17, 2020 at Long Island Community Hospital.

But a paramedic said during Valva’s trial that the abused child was probably already dead when they arrived – locked in a garage for 16 hours in freezing temperatures and then hosed down in 21-degree frost before he fell and hit his head.

In his closing arguments on Thursday, Tuohy said Pollina’s demand that the boys live in the garage was of little consequence.

“Who cares!” Tuohy told the Suffolk County jury. “That was a few months before. Yes, she used to be a bad person… but not that day. She wanted the boys to be sent to the garage. She stood up and admitted it, she said… it was wrong.”

Pollina testifies during her trial in Suffolk County Court.
Pollina testifies during her trial in Suffolk County Court.

“But she told you I didn’t kill him,” Tuohy continued before placing the blame on her ex-fiancee. “It’s all Michael Valva! She could be mean, she wanted the boys to be sent to the garage, but she didn’t kill him. She has nothing to do with this. That’s the whole father … There is no crime to be a bitch!

Kelly, the district attorney, said Pollina was clearly at fault.

“It’s because of her!” Kelly said. “Her cruel and unusual punishment for being a little boy with autism. This led to the death of Thomas… You heard the tapes. Who do you think really runs this house? Who do you think is responsible for these children?”

According to Kelly, Thomas had no body fat, had a chronic kidney infection due to urinary retention, sunken hips, and alopecia. His body temperature dropped to almost 76 degrees. And the texts and records showed that neither Valva nor Pollina cared about this.

“Judging by her words, by her actions, she remained in the play!” Kelly said. “That was the only reason these kids were in the garage. He was not allowed into the house, was not allowed to use the bathroom. It’s all because of this defendant.”

Pollina was charged with second-degree murder and endangering a child. She faces 25 years to life in prison if found guilty.

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