Former Austria Chancellor Sebastian Kurz started his own company in Austria

Former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz founded a company in Austria called SK Management.

In addition to working as a “global strategist” for the American company Till Capital, Peter Till, a supporter of Donald Trump, has now opened his own company based in Lower Austria.

According to the founding documents, Kurz is the owner and director of “SK Management”, a company whose registered activity is primarily providing management services, consulting, but also participation in other companies.

According to Austrian media, Kurz founded the company because he wants to continue paying taxes in Austria.

Kurz will travel regularly between Los Angeles and Austria from February with his partner Susanna and son Konstantin.

Kurz resigned from all political posts in early December last year, ten years after being investigated on suspicion of embezzlement and bribery.

Kurz’s friends say that he saw a great opportunity in private business and that his new tasks are a pleasure for him, so he pays great attention to them.

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