Forecast for Monday: cold start of the week

LINCOLN, Nebraska (Nebraska) – The new week may start out like winter… but a quick mid-week warm-up will bring spring into the mood. Unfortunately, the warming will not last long, as a cold front will bring cold weather and a chance of rain soon after!

Winter coat, hat and gloves will still be needed by most on Monday…high temperatures will only be in the 30s for most, with some areas in the west below the 40s. Although it won’t be a windy day, a cold northerly wind of 5 to 15 mph will certainly make you feel a few degrees colder. On a brighter note, we’ll see the sun again! The sky will be mostly sunny or partly sunny!

Monday High Temperatures (Nebraska)

Monday evening to Tuesday morning will be close to or below average for most. The minimum will fall on teenagers over 20 years old. Low temperatures will be warmest in the west as a warm front rises over the region from Monday night.

Tuesday Morning Lows (Nebraska)

A warm front will continue to rise through region 1011 during the day on Tuesday, resulting in WARMER, sunnier and windier conditions! High temperatures will rise from 40 to 60 degrees by noon. These temperatures can set us in the spring mood because they will be close to or above average for most areas! It will be a windy day with 15 to 25 mph southerly winds, which will help push warmer air into the region. Skies will be mostly sunny throughout the day. There may be a small sporadic light shower of rain or snow cover during the morning hours in the far northeast of Nebraska, the rest of the area will remain dry during the day.

Tuesday High Temperatures (Nebraska)

Even warmer temperatures are expected on Wednesday before we start a rapid cooling trend for the rest of the week. A low pressure system and associated cold front will move across the region from Wednesday to Thursday and bring first rain and then possibly snow. Dry but cold weather is expected over St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

7 Day Forecast (Nebraska)

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