Ford doesn’t deliver vehicles – they don’t have logos

The crisis with the lack of chips is a serious problem for many manufacturers, due to which the chain of delivery and production, including the delivery of vehicles, has been disrupted. But Ford found itself in a strange situation, because it cannot deliver vehicles because it does not have plates with logos, that is, emblems that say Ford!

It only applies to the US market. There, Ford in the US market ran out of logo plates that are placed on the front panel and on the back of the vehicle. Because of this, the company cannot deliver finished, production models, writes the Wall Street Journal.

There are also unfinished F-150 pickups in the factory parking lot. It is the best-selling and most profitable model of the concern.

About 40,000 to 45,000 of the brand’s cars and trucks are currently unable to leave the warehouse due to various supply chain issues. Among other things, the chip crisis is still ongoing.

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