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For the first time, Nomi Health is using mobile clinics to test people for COVID in Omaha

OMAHA, Nebraska – In Omaha, Nomi Health is utilizing mobile clinics for the first time to do COVID testing.

Nomi Health has launched mobile clinics with PCR and antigen testing capabilities. Testing remains an essential tool in the fight against COVID.

In the early stages of the pandemic, people would line up at drive-through testing locations. Thousands of individuals waited to learn whether or not they had contracted the virus.

Now that COVID restrictions have been loosened, immunizations are readily available, masks have been removed, and people are prepared to resume their pre-COVID lives.

“No we probably don’t know the number and I think that home tests are very popular it’s much easier to test at home with the home test and there’s definitely a place for them,” said Justin Frederick, Douglas County Chief of Infectious Disease.

Officials assert that testing is important regardless of whether it is performed at a mobile clinic or with a home test kit.

“We’re still in the pandemic and I think that people’s appetite for COVID-19 is about full and unfortunately I think the virus is not done with us. The sooner somebody can test after an exposure or if they have onset of new symptoms the quicker they can isolate stay away from others stay home and seek treatment,” said Frederick.

As the year progresses, the significance of COVID-testing reports increases.

This is one reason why Nomi Health has brought its mobile clinic to Omaha to provide additional testing options.

“We wanted to increase access and convenience for people so that’s why we decided to start up these mobile clinics. We pride ourselves on being very nimble and when there’s a need we come in and if the need is no longer there we can scale back,” said Dr. June Steely.

The downtown mobile clinic near 14th and Harney has not attracted many patients thus far. Here, testing is provided at no cost.

“We do require that people who have insurance bring their insurance and give us that information but we’re not going to turn away anyone who’s uninsured,” said Steely.

Free home COVID testing are also available. You can locate them in Omaha libraries and the Douglas County Health Department, along with instructions.

“I would say that COVID still is a little bit unpredictable we’re going to see increasing cases again as people move indoors, schools have just started so we have mass gatherings of people. Testing saves lives there’s no doubt about that,” said Frederick.

Visit their website for additional information on the Nomi Health mobile COVID-19 testing clinic.

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