Food expert confirms which foods don’t have expiry date and can last forever


All the products that we buy from the stores have an expiration date printed on them or advice on when it is best to use that product. But there are also those that can be stored for years without any problems.

Here, above all, we mean the products that can be stored well and do not have to be cooled and frozen, and the best of such foods is rice, according to the report of the German Vital.


“Whether it’s basmati rice, wild rice, jasmine rice or rice pudding – almost any type of rice lasts forever,” the portal says. The exception is integral rice, which spoils faster than other types due to the fat. Basically, rice should be stored in a dry place and preferably in an airtight container. Then it can be stored in the pantry or kitchen cabinets for a long time without any problems. A really practical food that can be combined with many dishes.


No less practical to store is a sweet food that was also affected by a shortage at the beginning of the war in Ukraine: honey. If stored properly, it can last for centuries, experts say. Researchers have already found honey in ancient Egyptian tombs that “can still be consumed after 3,000 years.” The secret to the eternal shelf life of honey is found in the beehive.

Bees produce active ingredients that inhibit the growth of bacteria in the hive. Substances known as inhibins are also found in honey and are the key to longevity. This is another reason why honey is said to have healing properties associated with flu infections. Some nutritional supplements such as propolis or royal jelly can be found in pharmacies, but their effectiveness has not been clinically proven.

The fact that honey – as long as it is kept in the dark and not contaminated – can be stored as a food forever. However, there must be no other things in the jar, such as bread crumbs or leftover butter. As Vital writes, over time honey can darken and lose its aroma and distinctive sweet taste, but it can still be consumed even if it crystallizes.


With rice, you can also use legumes, which are on the third place among eternal foods. Dried beans, lentils or peas can be stored in a cool place protected from light for up to 30 years or even longer. Pods owe their longevity to their ability to survive without water. And where it’s dry, microbes don’t feel comfortable, as we all know.

Therefore, legumes can be used in the kitchen without hesitation long after the expiration date. But as a consumer, you have to keep in mind that the long shelf life applies only to pods with their skins – peeled pods only last about 6 months. Otherwise, legumes are considered quite healthy because of the fiber they contain. They are also very filling and can be used in the kitchen in a variety of ways.


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