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Fly fishing enthusiasts take lessons to better understand the hobby

LINCOLN, Neb. (Nebraska) — To keep beginners prepared for the upcoming spring fishing season, Nebraska Game and Parks is offering fly tying lessons to prepare future fly fishermen for Nebraska waters.

The class taught about 20 people how to make five different types of fly fishing lures from scratch. Cornhusker Fly Fishers experts joined in the fun by walking around the classroom offering advice.

Nebraska Game and Parks employee Larry Pape said the class was a perfect way to get into the pastime.

“Fly fishing can be anything you want it to be,” he said. “For people like me, it’s just another aesthetic thing to do.”

Pape said towns and cities in Nebraska have some of the best places for fly fishing, noting Holmes Lake as a popular destination.

“You have access to beautiful shorelines that have been stocked by Game and Parks for fishing and fly fishing,” he said.

The lure created in Sunday’s class will allow participants to get into fly fishing without problems, but Pape said if they needed help they would look for a fishing partner.

“We like to give them lots of connections and the confidence to try again,” she said.

Pape said getting people involved in the hobby helps fund fishing in Nebraska as money from fishing licenses goes into the Game and Parks budget.

To purchase or renew a license, visit a Game and Parks affiliate store or website.

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