Florida woman ensured her paralyzed husband’s safety during Hurricane Ian, gave him a life jacket

“I took some blankets, cut holes in them with scissors, zip-tied them to the hospital bed, and then I took a large tarpaulin with grommets and zip-tied that over it; and then I put pillows and plastic bags and I duct-taped them to the top of the sideboard and I put pillows between the sideboard and the window because I didn’t want him to be cut up to death if the window blew in, and then I put a

Smith hid under the kitchen table and constructed a fort with pillows and blankets after insuring her husband’s safety.

Hurricane Ian was unlike anything else they had ever encountered. Smith, who endured Hurricane Charley in 2004, stated that Hurricane Ian was far more strong.

She stated, “Charley lasted less than an hour, the sun came out later, and there was no severe downpour.”

Smith noted that Ian was “terrible and long-lasting,” with the rear end of the hurricane being as severe as the front. She recalls hearing tremendous rain but being too terrified to look outside into the darkness through the windows.

She stated, “It became black in the middle of the day.” “It was already midnight, and when the rain began, it resembled snow. You couldn’t see.”

Smith remained in the kitchen, where she sheltered from the storm and waited for it to pass.

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