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Florida man was caught on video stealing their mail; Broward County residents seek police to find and arrest him

SUNRISE, Flaorida – Following an exclusive Local 10 News report on a guy stealing mail and packages in Broward County, more witnesses have come forward.

Residents in the same Sunrise area are frustrated by the repeated criminal activity.

Officer Justin Yarborough of the Sunrise Police Department stated, “Our officers are searching for a suspect matching that description.”

The subject being sought often appears in the same mailboxes, but millions remain absent.

“A person in a two-wheeled vehicle moving from mailbox to mailbox is detected by some of these doorbell cameras,” Yarborough explained.

After reports of missing mail, postal inspectors are currently involved.

Two people are missing their vehicle registrations, while others are missing crucial mail such as bills and other correspondence.

Doug Hughes, a local resident, misplaced a costly fossil shark tooth he purchased online.

Identity theft is prevalent throughout South Florida and is not a new crime trend.

As their investigation continues, police are requesting residents to remain vigilant.

Please contact the Sunrise police or Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS if you have any information.

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