Florida man lost his hand in alligator attack at a lake near Bradenton, he now decided to speak out and share his experience

BRADENTON, Florida — Eric Merda, a local resident of Bradenton, Florida, was found gravely hurt and by himself at a lake in the area. It had recently occurred that an alligator had attacked him, and as a result, he was missing an arm.

Merda had just completed his work on an irrigation project on July 17 when he made the decision to stop close to lake Manatee Fish Camp.

He said that he was lost in the woods and that he threw away rubbish while he was there.

Merda declared, “I eventually located the river, I saw where my truck was, and I figured I could swim across it.”

Merda stated that it was nighttime when he entered the water. The alligator was waiting for him when he reached the middle of the lake.

He explained, “I decided to swim, and she grabbed the outside of my arm like this, and I grabbed her.” “I decided to swim,” he continued. “I grabbed her.” Because I was aware of that fact, I didn’t want her to roll over on top of me. She jerked my arm in the opposite direction, and then she [dragged] me under three times.

Merda reported that he continued to kick and the alligator eventually let grip of him.

“It’s do or die. Do you wish to live or die? ” he said. “I was presented with the option to make a decision, and I chose to continue living.”

Merda has stated that the assault has provided him with something to live for, despite the fact that it causes him to again relive those memories in his thoughts and despite the loss of his arm.

“In all honesty, I’ve never been happier. He stated, “I’m going up, and there is no way you can bring me back down.”

Merda has requested that others pay attention to his message in light of the recent alligator attacks. This is to guarantee that others remain secure.

“Do not bother the alligators in any way. The majority of the time, the persons who are being assaulted are not to blame for the incident. “It’s the folks that are hurling rocks at them while also feeding them,” he claimed.

Later on this week, Merda is planning to see if she can get fitted for a prosthetic arm.

It is believed by experts that providing alligators with food will lead to them losing their natural dread of humans.

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