Five symptoms of dementia to look out for in the earliest stages – “Visit Your General Practitioner”

According to a leading charity, there are five main signs of a condition to look out for. Age UK says “memory problems” are one of the signs of dementia that can present in a variety of ways. For example, people with dementia may forget the names of people or things, they may have difficulty remembering recent events, and they may forget where things are stored.

Another clue to the loss of neurons in the brain involves “thinking problems.”

Examples of this symptom of dementia may include:

  • Feeling that your thoughts or memories are clouded
  • Discovery takes more time to process information
  • Trying to follow the conversations
  • Are you confused and can’t put things in the right order?
  • Finding out what influences decision making, for example, too much or too little food.

Dementia can also lead to “disorientation” when a person gets lost in familiar places.

A person could leave the house and forget where he was going or how to get there; confusion can arise, especially regarding the time of day, and problems with spatial perception may occur.

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The charity adds that people with dementia may find it difficult to “follow events,” meaning they find it difficult to follow conversations, especially in groups.

It can become more difficult to follow what’s happening on TV programs or lose sight of what’s happening in a book or news article.

There may also be “mood and personality changes” as damage is done to the brain.

Examples of mood and personality changes may include:

  • mood swings
  • becomes irritable or irascible
  • Loss of interest in hobbies and socializing.
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Five symptoms of dementia

  1. Memory problems
  2. Problems with thinking
  3. Disorientation
  4. Trying to keep track of things
  5. Mood and personality changes.

Age UK says: “If problems like this start to affect your daily life, it’s worth making an appointment to discuss them with your doctor.

“If you’re worried about someone else, try to convince them to see a doctor.”

The charity emphasizes that anyone concerned about their symptoms should “contact their GP.”

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There are many forms of dementia, from Alzheimer’s disease to vascular dementia.

“Knowing the type of dementia means that treatment can be more specific depending on a person’s needs,” adds Age UK.

Thus, early diagnosis is key to stabilizing the condition for a longer period.

In the UK, only 43% of people with dementia have been diagnosed with dementia, indicating that the condition is underdiagnosed.

Can dementia be prevented?

It has been proven that leading an unhealthy lifestyle increases the risk of dementia in people.

Thus, taking steps to protect your health can have a beneficial long-term impact.

Reduce your risk of developing dementia by eating a varied diet rich in fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly, and enjoying an active life with lots of outside interests.

This may include hobbies such as choir lessons, a book club, or joining a knitting society.

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