Five job posting sites for recruiting qualified workers

In many aspects, the labor market appeared to rebound in 2022, with companies adding an average of 457,000 positions per month, easing fears of a recession. In reality, the total number of jobs in the United States is now “240,000 greater than the pre-recession level,” according to Lisa Sturtevant, chief economist at Bright MLS.

Dean Baker, senior economist of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, stated in a July blog post, “The economy does not generate 400,000 jobs per month in a recession.” “Similarly, firms have not shelved their expansion plans despite growing recession fears,” he added.

If your company intends to continue this recruiting trend, you will need to leverage all of the available internet recruitment tools. Here are some tips for recruiting.

How to locate competent job applicants

Start by evaluating the locations where you are posting job openings. Utilize job posting websites, or rely solely on your website and social media? Expanding your reach is the only way to obtain a pool of strong, diverse employment candidates. This can be facilitated through online job boards.

The ability for job hopefuls to refine their searches by geography, job title, abilities, and more, on a job-posting website, may result in more suitable matches. Each of these labor markets has unique offerings, so it is important to examine them thoroughly.

5 job advertising sites to consider

There are a number of credible job posting websites to pick from, such as:


CareerBuilder offers a choice of programs ranging in price from $250 to $425. You are able to post positions, search from over 87 million resumes on file, send targeted emails, and more with the various subscriptions, including a value plan that combines multiple features. On the website, you may request a free demo or trial to learn more about the many features.

This year, the employment website debuted a center called CoLab, which, according to the website, facilitates greater openness for job seekers.

“When it comes to understanding distinct tasks in specific industries, candidates have been looking for a source of truth. CoLab does exactly that “The CEO of CareerBuilder, Susan Arthur, explained in a press statement. It discusses prospective job progression, offers compensation data, and even illustrates day-to-day responsibilities so that individuals can make informed career selections.


ZipRecruiter offers various programs based on the size of your company. Small and medium-sized firms with fewer than 5,000 employees can list jobs for free and without obligation. Enterprise accounts, which include AI matching technologies, a resume database, and more, are available to firms with over 5,000 employees. Companies interested in learning more or joining up can contact ZipRecruiter for pricing information.


LinkedIn reports that around 50 million job seekers visit their website each week. If you join LinkedIn as a business, you may use the site’s job posting template to target candidates with certain talents and attributes. There are promotional offers for first-time job postings on LinkedIn. Explore more.


FlexJobs bills itself as the “leader in the remote and flexible employment arena” and allows firms to post an unlimited number of jobs for a set fee. The company, founded in 2007, assists companies and job seekers in locating flexible employment possibilities, such as remote or part-time work. There are a variety of options available (monthly or annually) beginning at $399.00 per month. Through these packages, you can conduct an infinite number of resume searches, submit job applications, obtain customer support, and more.


You can post a job for free on Indeed, but you may receive more views if you pay to sponsor your postings. According to Indeed, sponsored posts are “4.5 times more likely to result in a hire” than free advertisements, which can be buried by more recent listings in general search results. To advertise a position, simply create an employer account and fill out the job description and details about how you wish to receive applications.


You may think of reviews when you think of Glassdoor. Because it is a location where prospective interns and workers seek particular comments about a company, this is the case. However, you may also utilize Glassdoor to search employment opportunities. Glassdoor boasts 59 million unique monthly visits and 2.2 million employers on its platform on its website. Glassdoor reports that roughly 65% of users search for or apply for jobs. Employers can begin using Glassdoor by establishing a free employer profile. To build a profile on behalf of your organization, you must verify that you’re an HR, recruiting, marketing, PR, or executive. After creating an account, you can immediately begin building your profile and recruiting potential candidates. Visit the website for more information about Glassdoor for employers.

How to compose an effective job advertisement

A job advertisement need not be overly elaborate. Simply convey what the job is and the responsibilities it includes. Before posting an available position on a job board or marketplace, you must supply the following information:

Company name
Job description
Location, timing, etc.
A simple and succinct job description that captures the reader’s attention.
A list of daily obligations and duties at work

A summary of future objectives and growth possibilities
Prerequisite qualifications (such as degrees, skillsets and more)

With mobile users in mind, LinkedIn also advocates brevity and conciseness. According to LinkedIn data, candidates applied 17.8% more frequently to job postings with 150 words or fewer than those with 450 to 600 words.

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