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First-ever Community Safety Day event in North Omaha took place on Saturday

On Saturday, a large number of neighbors attended the inaugural Community Safety Day event in North Omaha.

The founder explains that she is participating because of what happened to her father.

North Omaha residents attended the celebration at Salem Baptist Church, which was filled with the joyful sound of gospel music.

“I just think it’s really wonderful that people can come together,” said Vicky White Tony, a community member.

Community Safety Day was organized by the Bobby Byars Foundation. The objective is to educate inhabitants about rules and safety measures related to the home, roads, and health.

This gathering was organized by Sheila Fields due to a traumatic event in her own life.

“My father suffered a really severe safety incident and consequently passed away, and that was because people around him didn’t know the right things to do,” said Fields, who is also the founder and president of the Bobby Byars Foundation.

Fields informs that her father died from a fall. She claims she found meaning in teaching the community about all areas of safety as a result of this suffering.

“Even diabetes, light-headedness, what to do with a gun, what to do with unused medicine,” said Fields.

Additionally, hundreds of families received emergency supply packs because not everyone can afford the essentials.

“Sometimes when you’re just trying to make ends meet, you can’t afford a fire extinguisher or you don’t have time to think about those things because you’ve got other challenges,” said Fields.

It boils down to residents getting together and learning together as a community.

“When you see people in need, you can come and step in for any kind of safety,” said Tony.

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