Fiona destroyed Puerto Rico; Florida residents and non-profit organization set to help the country

DORAL, Florida – South Florida charity organizations in Doral and Miami locals are working around-the-clock to transport vital help supplies to Puerto Rico, where rain from Hurricane Fiona continued to produce catastrophic flooding on Monday.

Emily Fullmer, chief operating officer of Global Empowerment Mission, discussed their recent humanitarian efforts with Local 10 News.

Fullmer stated, “We are packaging boxes with family necessity kits, so these were already in place.” “However, as soon as they leave the building, we must replenish them in case another calamity occurs nearby.”

Workers from the non-profit organization Global Empowerment Mission have been busy loading pallets and packing items, including approximately 1,700 family necessity packages, which will be shipped to the island shortly.

“A family of four to five can survive on a family requirement kit for around one to two weeks. “About half of this box is filled with food, primarily Goya goods, and the other half is filled with hygiene supplies and other small items that you would need immediately after losing your home,” said Fullmer.

The impact of Hurricane Fiona was exacerbated by Puerto Rico’s inability to recover from Hurricane Maria, which killed over 3,000 people and damaged the electrical grid in 2017. More than 3,000 homes on the island are still covered in blue tarps five years later.

The hurricane ripped pavement from roadways, tore off roofs, and flooded homes with rivers. Additionally, it destroyed a bridge and flooded two airports.

A guy was swept away by a flooded river in the town of Comerio during the hurricane, according to the authorities.

Puerto Rican officials stated that it was too soon to determine the full extent of the devastation. As the storm moved away from the U.S. territory that is home to 3.2 million people, it was still projected to dump up to 15 inches of rain in some areas.

Monday, Vega Alta resident Miriam Camacho spoke with Local 10 News about the destruction.

“Throughout the island, there have been mudslides, overflowing rivers, and people forced to migrate,” added Camacho. The island is through a difficult period.

The storm is predicted to leave Puerto Rico with more than 30 inches of rainfall.

Erica Tavaras, senior U.S. program director for International Medical Corps, states that her team began working in Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria five years ago and has not left since.

International Medical Corps provides emergency and long-term mental health and medical care, as well as humanitarian aid.

“Our team in Puerto Rico is currently acquiring and delivering hygiene kits, electricity sources, and other urgently required medical supplies, water, and food,” Tavares stated.

Donations can be made to if people wish to aid survivors of Hurricane Fiona.

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