Farm Glow at Bass Farms in Mount Vernon to take place this Saturday after the original event was postponed due to bad weather

When it comes to hot air balloons, the weather is key. Unfortunately, the weather in Mount Vernon on the original date of Farm Glow was less than perfect. But fortunately for balloon glow enthusiasts, the forecast for this weekend is fantastic.

The inaugural Farm Glow at Bass Farms in Mount Vernon was held on September 24. Even though many people attended the celebrations, the weather that evening did not permit the hot air balloons to launch. The event, however, did set a rain date for a reason. This day is this coming Saturday, the 1st of October, from 5 to 9 p.m. Yesterday, the Farm Glow Facebook page released an update for anyone interested in attending the event this weekend.

The message thanked attendees and apologized for the parking dilemma. Apparently, the turnout on September 24th was so high that cars eventually had to be turned away. There was simply no more parking space available. Organizers said they are working on the parking issue and aim to accommodate everyone who wishes to attend this weekend.

The organizers also discussed who decides whether or not to inflate the hot air balloons. Even though the weather forecast for Saturday is favorable, the balloons will not be able to light up if the winds are too strong. Hot air balloons may reach heights of nearly seven floors, and just because the wind on the ground appears to be OK does not guarantee that the same is true higher up. They continued by stating that Bass Farms does not decide whether or not to inflate the balloons. This choice is made solely by the balloon company.

If you intend to attend the Farm Glow rain date, arrive early! You may also reuse your original tickets, as no more will be offered online. Because of safety concerns, hayrides will end at 5 p.m. Saturday evening, if the weather permits, the balloons will begin to glow between 7 and 7:30 p.m.

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