Fans prepare for the 57th Super Bowl

LA VISTA, Nebraska (Cologne) – The big game will take place at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, but fans across Nebraska are doing their best to match this energy in their homes.

From custom-painted golf carts to uniformed dogs, Chiefs fans spare no expense to unleash their enthusiasm.

Take Marshall Murphy, for example: what started as a family gift quickly turned into a personal passion. Now you can hardly take a step into his basement in La Vista without bumping into something marked with an arrowhead. Even cats seem to be fans.

“Now you see it has become a lifestyle,” Murphy said.

Murphy said he played football all his life, even going to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, which he says gives him a special appreciation for the sport.

“It instilled in me a lot of things that I use now,” Murphy said. “Discipline. Hard work. Teamwork.”

Every football season, his basement filled with autographed memorabilia turns into a weekend party house of sorts when he’s not at the stadium.

“I’m more refreshed than if I went to bed at 8 p.m. on my way to work,” Murphy said. “It’s more for the soul.”

And this weekend it all comes together for one last hurrah.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Murphy plans to roll out the red carpet – literally at home. He’ll be interviewing his guests like it’s an awards show. But beneath all the food, chest punches, and screaming, Murphy says the special part is living with friends.

“Have fun making fun of others and making fun of yourself and just enjoy it,” Murphy said.

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