Fans criticized Jay-Lo for using Photoshop on her abdominal muscles

Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram profile is full of photos of her with an emphasis on her slim figure and brutal abdominal muscles. However, it seems that Photoshop is close to worthy of the perfect line of the pop diva.

Namely, the paparazzi “caught” her while walking around the city with her daughter, and the photos clearly show that she has flaws like any woman and that the reality is far from what we see on social networks.

The photos traveled the world with incredible speed, and immediately afterwards, numerous comments appeared in which the fans criticized her the most.

Fans of the pop diva do not understand why he sends a distorted image of himself and why he “presents himself falsely”.

Is she aware of how badly it reflects on the younger generations. Why is it a shame to have a relaxed stomach? “Social networks have become a place where no one looks like themselves anymore.” “Of course it looks good, I do not understand why Photoshop is used so much,” are just some of the comments.

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