Fans claim that Megan Fox has new silicone implants


“New breasts,” “I have issues with my own body because of you” – several of Megan Fox’s admirers commented on her most recent images, which reveal that the actress’s cleavage has grown considerably.

Megan Fox (36) and Machine Gun Kelly (32) were in Milan on Monday, where a new fashion week was conducted. The actress wore a tight T-shirt with a prominent neckline, which fueled rumors that she had recently received silicone implants.

After the images from the celebration of Beyonce’s 41st birthday (04.09), a lot of her followers on Instagram commented on Megan Fox’s breasts.

“New breasts,” “Her breasts have enlarged,” “Am I the only one who thinks Meghan used silicones?” and “Because of you, I have body issues” are just a few of the comments seen under the photos.

Now, a week later, Meghan traveled around Milan with her fiancé, and her ample cleavage is prominent in the photographs. Meghan and Machine Gun Kelly were once again a fashionable pairing.

She donned green tights, a green t-shirt, a red and green plaid shirt, and a red cap, while Machine Gun Kelly sported a red coat.

Cassie, the musician’s 13-year-old daughter, appeared in ripped jeans and sneakers from Kanye West’s brand in photographs taken as the couple dined at one of Milan’s most famous restaurants. Yeezy.

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