Famous journalist decided to eat like Victoria Beckham for a week, the results were a surprise she couldn’t even imagine

After seven days of imitating Victoria Beckham’s diet, she was confronted with a revelation that she had not the slightest idea was possible.

Diane Bourne, a journalist, made the decision to imitate Victoria Beckham’s diet for one week, after which she related her experiences to the general public. To be more specific, it is common knowledge that the well-known fashion designer has been following the same diet for the past 25 years, and that this is the secret to how she keeps her flawless figure and fresh appearance.

David Beckham once divulged information regarding Victoria Beckham’s diet, despite the fact that Victoria has never gone out of her way to divulge the specifics of how she maintains her beauty and chiseled shape.

“Unfortunately, I’m married to someone who eats the same food every day. It has been going on for 25 years. Since I met her, she only eats grilled fish and steamed vegetables. He rarely deviates from that”the football player said.

He made it clear that his wife never consumes fried food, as well as red meat, dairy products, and a variety of condiments and dressings like ketchup and mayonnaise.

“I’m most restaurants’ worst nightmare. I like steamed vegetables and a little spice. I like food to be prepared in a simple way. Loves whole grain toast”Victoria said then.

So the journalist Diane had the idea to try eating like Beckham for a week, and the results truly astonished her. The findings really startled Diane.

“I started with the most expensive fish, the cod, but I was quite disappointed. I tried to compensate with vegetables, but everything was bland. I went to bed quite hungry and nervous, because I have a busy week ahead of me.”she said.

She was constantly hungry, and an unpleasant smell of fish was constantly felt in her apartment. It was not at all clear to her how Victoria could eat and have energy like that for two and a half decades.

“I usually go for a run in the middle of the week, but today I’m hungry and I don’t have enough energy, so I skipped it. I laugh, but honestly I would cry”Bourne admitted.

She did the same thing as the fashion designer and occasionally rewarded herself with a glass of wine, despite the fact that this did not assist much. The price of her meals for the week came to about seventy euros, and that was just for fish and veggies.

At the conclusion of the experiment, she got on the scale to find out how many kilograms she had shed, and the number that appeared on the screen was a complete surprise to her. To be more specific, the journalist did not experience even a single kilo loss!

“It was reason enough for me to stop this experiment once and for all and go back to my daily diet”she concluded.

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