Famous director Oliver Stone defended Putin

The American director and screenwriter, 74-year-old Oliver Stone, at the height of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, made it clear who he was on. The three-time Oscar winner in recent years has made no secret of his affection for Russian President Vladimir Putin, for whom he has made a documentary.

It is about the four-hour “Putin Interviews”, which he recorded from July 2015 to February 2017, due to which he received permission from Putin to monitor and record him while performing his daily activities.

The two seem to have become quite close at the time, as Stone has now commented on the Ukraine war on social media and offered several “analyzes” in Russia’s favor. The director believes that the “broader context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine” should be considered.

He claims that the Western media is hysterical about the whole situation in Ukraine and that they complain very loudly about Vladimir Putin’s actions, adding that they miss key information when, as he says, it does not suit them. He then cited four articles from the world media that he considered to be honest analyzes of the situation in Ukraine.

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