Famous Chinese doctor says that the world can expect to finally end the pandemic in June

The most famous Chinese infectologist, Dr. Zhang Wenhong, said in an interview that the pandemic will end this year.

“We have been separated for more than two years, I am abroad, my girlfriend is in China, when will we be able to see each other? asked one viewer, who was involved in the program. The Chinese doctor, who has as many as 4 million followers on social networks and is considered the most reliable authority for the problems with Covid 19 in China, calmly answered:

-Be sure, you will hug your dear person already in June.

Dr. Zhang Wenhung has long been known in the world of the profession, but he found himself in the public spotlight in 2020, at the time of the appearance of the Covid 19 virus in Wuhan. He was among the first to be informed of the events and was included in the team that had to deal with an unknown danger. He led a team of doctors who were sent to Wuhan and laid out the main guidelines for fighting the virus in China. He even opposed some official views of the party leadership and persuaded them to accept his proposals.

But as a great authority, he was one of the few Chinese doctors who openly opposed American doctors when they were wrong, and he had very strong arguments, because his doctoral dissertation was already known in the world, reports Kigaku magazine.

But he also knew ordinary people. In the media, he was able to reassure viewers and convince them of the need to respect the measures he was preparing. Although he has a very high party position, he never acted as someone who commands, but someone who with good will convinces, persuades and explains.

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