Family’s warning as mum with ‘heart of gold’ dies suddenly after night out

Several hours after celebrating her birthday with friends, a mother who was known for her “selflessness” passed away unexpectedly as the result of a brain aneurysm that triggered a hemorrhage.

Joanne Barker celebrated her 53rd birthday with “nothing wrong” after a “wonderful” evening out with her family. However, later that night, she became unconscious and passed away the next day in the hospital.

The doctors determined that a brain aneurysm, which is a form of bulging in the wall of an artery, was to blame for the deadly hemorrhage that occurred as a result of the incident. Joanne appeared to be in good shape and health, since she walked the dog three times a day and did not take any medications before her death. Her family was unaware of any symptoms she may have been experiencing previous to her passing.

Neve Hayter, age 22, and Lee Barker, age 29, were her children, and their mother worked in administration and sales for an engineering company. She was from Runcorn, which is located in the county of Cheshire. Neve characterized the character of her mother as one who “always placed others before herself.”

In an interview with the Liverpool Echo, Neve stated: “We have the impression that there is not enough awareness. Nobody knew she had an aneurysm, and nobody understood what it was like to have one; when it happened, we were all like, “Where the heck did this come from?” It’s a significant point.

My mother did not have a medical history, she did not use any medications, and she took our dog for walks three times a day.

Joanne had already signed up to be an organ donor, and after her death, her heart was given to a woman in her 60s who required a “urgent transplant.” Her kidneys, on the other hand, were given to two men in their 30s, potentially extending the lives of all three recipients.

The family of Joanne is hoping that by sharing their story, they might encourage anyone who may be experiencing any of the early warning signals of a probable aneurysm to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

According to Neve, a student nurse in training, it can be challenging to recognize the symptoms of an aneurysm since they often overlap with those of other diseases, such as “feeling under the weather.”

Others, such as vision disturbances, pain near the eye, weakness or numbness on one side of the face, loss of balance, difficulty speaking, and headaches, can be more prominent symptoms.

Neve said: “If you experience headaches that won’t go away, you should request an MRI or have someone send you to The Walton Centre. Don’t just sit there and let them give you pain medication to make you feel better. The Walton Centre has been suggested to each one of us at this point.

“Even if someone only had a scan, it has the potential to save someone’s life, even if it’s just one person,” said the researcher.

Neve reflected on her mother’s life by saying, “She placed everyone else before herself, and she had a heart of gold. And at her burial, we received donations for Mind because she tried to help a lot of people with mental health, and she’s done a lot for them.” Neve’s mother passed away a few years ago.

In order to honor her legacy and contribute to The Brain Charity in Liverpool, a group of 22 of her family members, close friends, and admirers will climb Snowdon in the month of July next year.

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