Family grief as TUI flight attendant dies weeks after her father died on the job

The grieving family was heartbroken after father and daughter died weeks apart.

Angela Courtney was preparing to spend her last Christmas with her family after being diagnosed with terminal cancer when she was given the devastating news that her father Tony had died suddenly at work.

Tony, who worked as an electrician, suffered a heart attack on December 14, according to the Liverpool Echo. He died just three weeks before his 47-year-old daughter Angela lost her battle with pancreatic cancer on January 3rd.

Angela, who was a flight attendant at TUI, leaves her partner John and six-year-old son Johnny. Tony, 70, left his wife Christine Courtney, 68, and three children: Tony, 49, Bootsy, 46, and Beverly, 43.

On January 17, a joint memorial service was held for Tony and Angela at St. Columba’s Church in Huyton. Tony’s family believes he died of a broken heart after learning of his daughter Angela’s diagnosis. Daughter Beverly Jeffries told Echo: “We kind of believe he died of a broken heart because he just couldn’t watch her die. We like to take comfort in the fact that he died before her, because he couldn’t take it anymore.”

Paying tribute to her sister, Beverly said, “Angela was honestly one of the kindest hearted people, she was just a beautiful soul. No one could say a bad word about her. She was kind, friendly, funny and just lived.” for her family.”

Angela was first diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer last January after 12 months of constant doctor visits and hospital appointments. At first, doctors believed that Angela was suffering from a hernia after she complained of abdominal pain and rapid weight loss.

However, she was later diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and after undergoing chemotherapy she was given the terrible news that it was incurable. In October, the 47-year-old was transferred to the Marie Curie Hospice in Woolton Village, where she died on January 3 surrounded by her family.

Members of the TUI flight attendants who worked with Angela attended the memorial service on January 17 and formed an honor guard inside the church. The family asked people attending the funeral to wear purple ribbons to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer and £900 in donations were raised for the cause.

Beverly said: “Everyone who came to visit Angela, and all the staff at the hospice, everyone said how worthy she was. She was just amazing. She never complained and just put up with it.

“The staff at the hospice were wonderful and they made her life better than it could have been – she didn’t need anything.

“It was really terrible. I am the youngest of four, I have two brothers and Angela, we have a big family and we all just need to be around my mom. When dad died, all attention turned to Angela. because I had to go and tell Angela at the hospice and it was terrible. She was heartbroken. She cried, saying, “All I wanted was a good Christmas.” It was very, very sad.”

The family made a plaque for Angela and Tony where they can go to remember them. Paying tribute to Tony, Beverly described him as a “fun and hard-working” dad and grandpa.

Tony touched many lives through his work as an electrician, and he had many repeat customers who wrote postcards to his family after his sudden death. Beverly said: “He was a workaholic. He loved his job and he was so funny, so direct.

“He was one of those guys who always did you a favor. He was a hardworking father and grandfather.”

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