Families are encouraged to shop and save as this year’s ReRUNS sale will be bigger than ever before

LA VISTA, Nebraska — At ReRUNS, the aisles are stocked to the brim with thousands of reasonably priced things so that families may buy there and make savings.

According to Mary Pechar, who works at ReRUNS, the upcoming sale will be larger than it has ever been before because there are 900 people consigning items.

“Our consignors who, for example, could have brought 100 items to the previous sale are bringing 200 items to the current sale. Therefore, everyone is in the process of seriously cleaning out their homes in order to make some extra money “According to Mary Pechar, who serves as the community outreach coordinator for ReRUNS:

During the previous event, the typical consignor made about $530, but this annual sale is also a great place to find deals.

“There is still a requirement for parents to provide their children with clothing and toys. You might not buy it brand new, but you are going to obtain a decent quality item for a substantially lower price, because it is a terrific place to get birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and other types of gifts, such as the ones mentioned above “Pechar said.

The price is determined by the consignors, which means that various vendors may charge varying amounts for the same item. Therefore, if you plan on going shopping, it is in your best interest to arrive early.

Beginning on September 30 and continuing through October 8, members of the public can shop at the sale. Before the doors to the event officially open, there are a few different ways to receive the best prices that are being offered.

One of the ways is through the pre-sale event called “Day of Hope,” which will take place on September 24. If you make a donation through, you will be eligible for early access to the shopping event. All of the money that was donated will be distributed to families in the neighborhood so that they too may go shopping for their children.

But before the huge sale can take place, there is a process in which 400 volunteers examine and sort every item that is brought in, and they only keep the items that are of the highest quality.

“We make sure—like games have all the parts, the shoes are in good condition, there’s no scuff marks, there’s not stains, and there’s no rips,” Abbie Kerber, a volunteer and consigner at ReRUNS, said. “We make sure—like games have all the pieces.”

Nearly six years have passed since Kerber began working both as a volunteer and as a consignor at ReRuns.

Kerber shared her thoughts by saying, “I enjoy being able to come in and shop, but I also appreciate knowing that what I am doing will assist someone else down the road.”

The vendor keeps 65% of the proceeds from each sale, while the remaining 35% is given to charitable organizations in the community.

Pechar explained, “We genuinely have so much things that we had to push it aside or else you wouldn’t be able to go around.” If the items weren’t put aside, it would have been impossible to move about.

And in a loop that never ends, the things that were useful to one family in the process of rearing their children are repurposed to be useful to other families in the same situation.

Pechar saw the situation as “simply a wonderful,” describing it as “one of those win-win-win things.”

Visit the website for more information on the major event that will take place this autumn as well as opportunities to shop and save money.

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