Fall and Halloween in Upstate New York: Pumpkin spice everything!

How can you savor pumpkin flavor in autumn in Upstate New York? Let me enumerate the means.

In late September, we begin to hear jokes about the approaching “pumpkin spice everything” season. And it is true that companies go a bit bonkers when they include seasonal scents in every conceivable product (pumpkin spice toilet paper? Really?).

However, the reputation is unjustified. You may buy pumpkin-flavored dishes and beverages across Upstate New York. Pumpkin is a highly popular flavor.

This is a list of twelve ways you can satisfy your pumpkin cravings this autumn. Traditional examples include pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin ice cream. But some appear to stray slightly from the path. I mean, pumpkin gnocchi? I have no idea what my Italian grandfather would think of that!

Each food item contains a link to the store or restaurant where it can be purchased! Make a note in your journal to stop for some pumpkin wine, a pumpkin bagel, or perhaps a peculiar yet tantalizing delicacy known as a pumpkin pie cake on your autumn Upstate road trip.

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