Facebook is facing lawsuit in United Kingdom, META might soon face $3.2 billion sentence

Meta Platforms, which owns Facebook, faces a possible penalty from the UK.

Following allegations that Facebook was abusing its market position to collect and use the personal data of 44 million users, Meta Platforms is facing a lawsuit from the UK.

The British body FCA, on behalf of all residents of this country who used Facebook in the period from 2015 to 2019, is preparing a case that will be brought before a court.

Facebook has been accused of making billions of pounds by imposing unfair terms on users, demanding that they hand over their valuable personal information.

It is said that the platform collected users’ personal data through the Facebook Pixel tool, which allowed advertisers to follow the habits of their users.

Facebook, on the other hand, claims that people used its services because it provided them with value for money, adding that Facebook has significant control over the information shared on the Meta platforms and with whom it is shared.

Facebook, or Meta Platforms, could face a 2, 2.3 billion (about $ 3.2 billion) fine in the UK.

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