Experiments, Tricks and More: Magical Science Exhibition Opens at Omaha Children’s Museum

OMAHA, Nebraska (Nebraska) — The Omaha Children’s Museum recently opened its newest exhibit. It’s called “Magic Science” and it’s said to be where the magic of Harry Potter meets the science of Bill Nye!

There are many experiences in this exhibition to keep kids busy and interested while learning new things at the same time. Their Magic Arch is the entrance to the exhibit and it uses infrared sensors to detect body heat and when it does, the lights in the arch turn on. Just like magic!

3 News Now was visited by meteorologist Caitlin Connell and was told that there are two special experiences that kids seem to love the most. Madison Roman, on-site training and activities coordinator, said kids love the Light Maze and Platform 9 ¾ Zipline. The Light Maze is where they combine mirrors and light to trick your mind with illusions! And Zipline is a place where kids can experience first-hand how gravity works, as well as speed and friction to get you through.

While Caitlin was there, the kids seemed to be having a great time at the Magic House. This is a typical climber in front with slides on the sides, but there is one peculiarity. There is information on some of our most famous contemporary scientists at the front.

If you and your child love live performances that include tricks and experiments, then the Thistle Theater is for you! Thistle is their permanent dragon storyteller. It is with the help of the Thistle that they are able to teach the science behind some of our favorite Harry Potter spells.

Madison was kind enough to show Caitlin the Combustion Reaction experiment. Even though Caitlin had an idea of ​​what was going to happen, it still took her by surprise! It was very cool to see it with my own eyes – that’s for sure!

This exhibition features even more science-related topics.

You have until April 16th to watch Magical Science.


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