Evolutionary scientists say Covid ‘may be settling down and Omicron might be the last serious strain to impact our lives

“I think it’s feasible that we won’t be locked on the treadmill of new variants forever,” he told the Times yesterday, adding, “I have learned to never rule out a result.” After the Alpha type was detected in Kent and spread throughout the world, it was replaced within months by the Delta variant. Omicron subsequently replaced Delta.

However, nine months after Downing Street almost initiated a lockdown in response to the highly transmissible Omicron strain, Omicron’s progeny remain the most prevalent strain.

This has led to the notion that new variants will be based on minor modifications to Omicron, against which human immune systems are already primed.

Professor Anthony Brookes, a specialist in genetics and bioinformatics at Leicester University, remarked, “Viruses evolve as if in a race to the finish, adapting to evade our immune systems and our immune systems adapting to combat viruses.”

“Delta could be compared to an army tank, and as we developed immunity to it, many varieties emerged. The Delta army tank mutated into a different tank, variation, or weapon in order to elude our immune system once more.”

“Omicron was a different form of variation for our immune system to cope with, comparable to a fighter jet.”

“However, the virus’s possibilities are not endless and it will ultimately run out of road. At some time, we will have defenses against all covid variants, at which point the virus will become endemic, harming primarily people with underdeveloped or impaired immune systems, such as infants, the elderly, and immunocompromised individuals.

This is true for covids, as it is for all viruses, regardless of lockdowns, masks, or vaccinations; nevertheless, covid vaccines have helped to minimize mortality.

“However, we do not know when this will occur, nor do we know if Omicron is among its final possibilities.”

“We have coexisted with viruses for billions of years, and we have always won the armaments race, with viruses reaching a final endemic condition, growing and dropping at relatively low numbers. There is no reason to believe that covid will vary.”

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