Everyone looking at Ashton Kutcher in shock: What happened to his face?

He does not seem to have resisted plastic surgery either

They definitely left the biggest impression at the “Oscars” Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. They attract attention wherever they appear, and for many they are the favorite actor couple.

Mila shone in a champagne-colored dress, while Ashton chose a black elegant suit. However, the perfect stylings overshadowed the face of Ashton Kutcher who looked different than we are used to.

While some argue that it is only about aging, others are convinced that the 44-year-old actor played with Botox, just like his colleague Bradley Cooperwhich also visibly changed the shape and expression of the face.

The difference from a few months ago is obvious. If you compare the photos, you will see a drastic change.

He grew old overnight: Ashton Kutcher (43) no longer looks like himself!

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