Eppley Airfield travelers advised of limited parking spots due to high demand

OMAHA, Nebraska – If you have lately visited Eppley Airfield, you are aware that it has been difficult to locate a parking spot there.

The strong demand for travel is at fault, according to Eppley, who tweeted about the issue on Wednesday morning:

The airport administration issued a brief post on social media in which it cautioned passengers flying that there was “limited availability.” A glance at at midday on Wednesday revealed some staggering statistics, including the following:

Only three percent of parking spaces were available at the premier level, which meant that 569 places were already occupied.
As of Wednesday afternoon, there were just 21 open parking places in the south garage, which had an availability rate of less than 2%. There were more than 1,300 vehicles parked in the south garage.
However, there was no availability in the north garage; all 1,380 spots were marked as filled, and if you count the rooftop, there were approximately 2,000 people trying to park there.

If you are going to an airport and you want to park on-site, here is the greatest advice you can get: Try your luck at the economic lot in the south. where two-thirds of the land on the property is undeveloped. It is likely that you will be able to secure a spot there.

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