Epic Games found walkaround to avoid Apple’s block, Iphone users can play Fortnite once again

Epic Games went to war with Apple at a time when Fortnite was gaining popularity, as Fortnite was dropped from the iPhone and iPad app store in August 2020.

Apple does not allow downloading apps without their App Store, which means users could no longer download Fortnite on the iPhone, and Google has also removed Fortnite from Android.

A solution was found this week that allows Apple users to play again Fortnite without downloading it to the phone itself.

This will be possible thanks to Nvidia and their streaming service GeForce Now. As announced by the company, their service GeForce Now will be available for iOS and Android users in beta for a limited time.

However, the game can be accessed from the Safari browser, while on Android it will be available through the application.

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