Enrique Iglesias did what he does best: His wife won’t like the fact that he kissed a fan on stage

Las Vegas, Nevada – Fans of Enrique Iglesias have expressed their disbelief after viewing a video that depicts the singer having an intimate encounter with a female admirer. The video was shot in Las Vegas just a few days ago, and the remainder of the story is pretty peculiar.

The female participant in the video may be seen singing along to Enrique Iglesias’s songs.

As soon as she became aware of him, she dashed over to him and gave him a peck on the cheek before moving on to give him more kisses on the mouth. Even though she appeared astonished at the time, he allowed her to kiss him, and the kiss lingered. She was successful in getting a picture with him.

And when there is one surprise, there is another one that is much more shocking. The controversial video was posted by the singer himself on his Instagram account as an announcement for the upcoming concert in Las Vegas. He did this for one of two reasons: either he wanted to capitalize on the outpouring of love that this girl gave him for better marketing, or he wanted to avoid a situation that would have been even more disastrous if the video had been posted somewhere else.

This is how Enrique puts it: “It occurred, and I have nothing to hide,” yet the fans still can’t believe it: “It happened and I have nothing to hide.”

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