Elon Musk’s company will soon start testing human brain chips

Neuralik, an American neurotechnology company co-owned by Elon Musk, will soon begin the first clinical trials of brain implants in humans.

The British “Guardian” writes that “Neuralik” has started looking for people who will lead these examinations.

Namely, he has published vacancies for the positions of head and coordinator of clinical trials. The announcements state that the employees will cooperate with some of the most innovative doctors of today and top engineers, as well as with the first participants in a clinical trial of this type.

Musk, whose fortune is estimated at $ 256 billion, says he is very optimistic about the projects and claims that the implants will allow the tetraplegics to go.

He also says that the mentally paralyzed will be able to use a smartphone faster than people who use it with their fingers.

Musk hopes that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will approve the use of these chips.

“I think that with ‘Neuralik’ we have a chance to heal and make functional the body of a person with a damaged spinal cord. “We have been able to achieve this in monkeys, and we are doing a lot of testing and we can confirm that the implant is very safe and secure and can be safely removed,” Musk said.

The Guardian writes that Musk has a long history of making great promises about Neuralik. Three years ago, he said the first implants in a human head would be placed in 2020. Among other things, the head of Tesla and Space Ex claimed that the implants would be charged wirelessly.

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