Elon Musk named Person of the Year (VIDEO)

Musk, who “surpassed” Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in wealth, was named Time Magazine “Person of the Year” by clown, genius, visionary, industrialist and showman. And Musk is all of that. Because Time’s recognition is not a reward, but “a recognition of the person who was most influential that year, whether for good or for bad.”

The jump in Tesla’s share price has given Musk a net worth of about $ 300 billion.

The economic magazine “Forbes” estimated that Musk is potentially the richest man in history, but despite that he does not have his own house, but lives in a rented prefabricated house of 34 square meters, which he rents from his company for 50,000 dollars.

With the decision to sell all his real estate, Musk started a trend in Silicon Valley – for the rich to live as a “normal world”.

At the end of the year, Musk announced on social media that he would pay $ 11 billion in taxes in 2021, making him, he says, the largest taxpayer in US history. At $ 244 billion, Musk is also the richest man in history.

The owner of SpaceX is closely associated with the two most innovative “industries” of today – climate solutions and space exploration. Together with Tesla and SpaceX, he founded alternative energy company SolarCity in 2002.

He amassed his first fortune in the early 2000s by running PayPal, then a top technology company, which he later sold on eBay. However, he found himself in the public spotlight ten years later, raising significant funds for his more ambitious projects.

For some, Musk is the embodiment of a billionaire in capitalist society, for others he is a super villain.

His advances in green technology in the form of Tesla electric vehicles often compete with his vision that humans will one day live in space. His fans see him as a visionary, a solution to the problems the planet will face.

Rich and eccentric, Musk enjoys the controversy he raises, from smoking live cannabis on Joe Rogan’s podcast to criticizing transgender people, supporting various conspiracy theories, and, at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, criticizing quarantine.

When he tweeted in May last year that people should “take the red pill”, alluding to the movie “The Matrix” where the red pill brings people back to reality, many right-wingers and misogynists in the online community saw it as an invitation to reunite. .

Due to his fierce criticism of the use of gender-neutral pronouns, he was declared transphobic, although he repeatedly expressed his support for trans people.

At the start of the pandemic, when everyone was struggling with quarantine, Musk – reacting to US locks – tweeted “Free America right away.” As the death toll rose at the time, many saw the words as “stupid.”

His comments on social media also upset Tesla shareholders and caused him business problems, as he once said that Tesla shares were too expensive, which led to their price falling and investors losing thousands of dollars.

Musk was also criticized by the World Food Fund when the fund’s director, David Beasley, called on billionaires to “immediately, once and for all, help fight world hunger”, especially mentioning the two richest people in the world: Elon Musk. and Jeff Bezos.

Musk immediately responded on Twitter, saying that if the Fund could accurately describe how $ 6 billion would solve world hunger, it would immediately sell Tesla shares.

As for cryptocurrencies, Musk wholeheartedly supports the doxycycline, and in the middle of the year earned bitcoins, declaring that his company would not accept payments in the world’s most popular cryptocurrency because their mining affects the environment. For a moment, the price of bitcoin fell sharply. When he later said he would continue to receive payments in this currency, the price jumped again.

Over the past year, Musk has made a number of slightly bizarre comments, from the fact that “there are not enough people” on Earth and that it could endanger human civilization, to the fact that Neuralink, his brain technology company, needs less than a year after implantation of chips in the human brain.

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