Elon Musk in a clinch with the US President

The richest man in the world, the founder of “Tesla”, Elon Musk, clashed with the American president on social networks, stating that Joe Biden is a “puppet in human form”.

The reason for the outburst of Musk’s anger against Joe Biden on Twitter is that the American president on that social network shared a video with the head of “General Motors”, Mary Barr.

In that video, Biden praised General Motors’ investment in electric vehicles.

In response to that video, Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that the production of electric vehicles in the United States “begins with the letter T, ends with A, with ESL in the middle.”

He then attacked the US president, calling him a “human-shaped puppet” with sock-shaped emoticons, alluding to someone else controlling him (“sock” or “sock doll” in internet communication often means a fake social media profile that is used for various abuses).

Musk added that “Biden treats Americans like fools,” responding to other Twitter users who wrote that the US president “wants to cancel a major US company and change the history of electric vehicles,” praising General Motors and Ford. “.
In the controversial video, Biden also said that “companies like General Motors and Ford are producing more electric vehicles in the United States than ever before,” while Bara announced a $ 7 billion investment in a Michigan plant and a new battery plant in the United States.

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