Elon Musk has just confirmed that thousands of robots will work in Tesla factories

When Tesla announced its first humanoid robot, Elon Musk chose his words when explaining the robots’ potential. At the presentation, he said that the Tesla Bot should be able to transform the world economy and solve the currently major problem in many parts of the world – the insufficient workforce.

Such announcements, in theory, sound fantastic, but the question is how it will look in practice. Namely, it is known that Musk gives himself deadlines and plans that are unachievable in reality. So he’s been talking about fully autonomous cars for years, but while the computers in Tesla’s cars have a Full Self-Driving option, humans still have to sit behind the wheel ready to react if needed.

It will be interesting to see if the same will happen with the Tesla Bot or if Tesla will really introduce robots that will soon work alongside people in factories and make their daily tasks easier.

At the beginning of the year, Tesla announced that the development of this robot will be their priority, and we may soon find out how the robots would fare in real working conditions. Their first place of work will be, of course, the Tesla factories. As they wrote in an announcement from the company, they announce that soon we will be thousands of such humanoid robots in their factories.

They also emphasize that their robots will perform automated and repetitive tasks. We expect the presentation of the first prototype this week at Tesla’s AI Day, where Musk will also announce other innovations related to artificial intelligence.

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