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Early voting in Omaha and Douglas County

OMAHA, Nebraska – As the midterm elections of 2022 approach, the moment is ripe for political advertising.

Some Douglas County voters claim they no longer need to pay attention to these advertisements. These voters have already chosen a candidate and marked their ballots.

Weeks before Election Day, early voters are turning off their votes at drop boxes. Election authorities in Douglas County anticipate that many voters will cast votes and make political decisions early.

Brian Kruse, election commissioner for Douglas County, stated, “My best judgment at this time is that early voting and voting at the polls will both account for roughly 50 percent of the total vote.”

Joan and Ron Ulrich are two of the fifty percent of voters who vote early and who may now ignore the political advertisements we’ve been exposed to for months.

Joan and Ron Ulrich said, “Yes, definitely, wish they’d take them off the television, especially since what some of them are saying is that they’re not telling us anything and are only demining the other person.”

Several of the early voters with whom we spoke say they are relieved to have cast their ballots and to no longer be subjected to ineffective political advertisements.

Maureen Vesely stated, “I believe there’s a little negativity going on with the television advertising, so I’ve made my decisions on everything and decided to vote because I’ve examined the problems and decided what I needed to vote for.”

Some early voters express relief that the election is done, citing the negative impact of political advertisements.

“Very exhausted, terribly Joan and Ron Ulrich stated, “I’ve aged 20 years more.”

The deadline for requesting an early ballot by mail in Douglas County is 6 p.m. on October 28th, according to election officials.

If you have any questions about voting, please visit the website of the election commissioner.

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