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Due to the safety concerns of the Omaha residents and the neighborhood, homeless camps removed in Omaha by city officials and staff

OMAHA, Nebraska – The employees at a shelter in Omaha cleaned up the homeless camps that were located nearby. They claim that it is for the protection of the locals and the neighborhood as a whole.

Those who are now housed in the camps, however, assert that there are less issues within the camps than outside. Officials at the shelter said that they tried all in their power to locate other options for people who were staying in the camps.

Those who are responsible for running the homeless shelter in the downtown area have been collaborating with the city for several months now to find a solution that will prevent people from living in tents and campsites outside.

On Tuesday, the practice came to an end around ten in the morning.

The Siena Francis House staff and city crews removed some of the belongings that the men and women who were camping and living along the fenceline and sidewalk no longer wanted, including mattresses and bicycles. Omaha police waited nearby while the Siena Francis House staff and city crews removed the items.

Officials at a homeless shelter claim that it is dangerous to have people sleeping outside and that it is unfair to the people who live in the area around the shelter. The outreach team claims that they communicated to the people camping outside for the homeless that there are beds available inside the shelter, but that a number of the folks are not interested in using them.

They informed us that we have to relocate since it is their property, and they do not want anyone to be outdoors. When you’re trying to get some shut-eye at night, there are a lot of people in there who are shouting and screaming. You are not able to sleep. The temperature is unbearable inside, and on top of that, there are laws. You are required to be in your bunk by nine o’clock each night. After that, you won’t be allowed to go back outside for anything, whether it’s to have a cigarette or do anything else,” added Thomas.

“We’re not sure yet,” remarked Tonya.

The employees of a shelter in Omaha clean up the homeless encampments that are located nearby. They claim that it is for the protection of the locals and the neighborhood as a whole.

Tonya claims that she has been living in a makeshift camp outside of the shelter for at least two months now because the rules there more lenient compared to those inside.

Tonya claimed that the establishment was managed in the same manner as a prison.

According to Linda Twomey, who works at the shelter, there is “certainly room to accommodate individuals who are camping in the tents.” “We had 180 men’s shelter beds available last night and around 25 women’s shelter beds,” said Twomey.

The executive director of Siena Francis House, Linda Twomey, was quoted as saying that the outdoor encampments have been rising during the summer and that there have been episodes of violence and aggression that alarm them.

“We recognize that not everyone wants to come into the shelter, but we have to balance the safety of the 500 individuals that we assist daily at the Siena Francis House,” said Twomey. “We do not want anyone to feel unsafe or uncomfortable while they are at the Siena Francis House.”

The vast majority of people who were living in the camps intend to continue living on the streets after they leave.

Officials at Siena Francis stated that the organization’s primary goal is to offer refuge to those who are in need. As a result, they strongly encouraged campers to remain inside and make use of the facilities and food that were provided.

In addition to that, they gave them information about other shelters in the area that had open beds.

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