Due to climate change, polar bears are leaving Alaska for Russia

U.S. scientists tracking the number and movement of bears living in the Arctic Ocean claim that polar bears are leaving their hunting grounds in Alaska due to climate change and moving to Russia.

A record high temperature of as much as 19.4 ° C was measured on Kodiak Island, Alaska, on December 26, 2021. The average annual temperature in Alaska has risen by 4.8 degrees in the last 50 years, and one of the biggest indicators of global warming is the mass exodus of polar bears.

The temperature of 19.4 ° C measured last month is the highest temperature measured in December in Alaska. Because of these changes, the animals were forced to migrate from America to Russia.

Meanwhile, scientists monitoring the number of bears in Russia have seen a huge increase, writes the BBC.

On the Russian island of Wrangel in the neighboring Chukotka Sea, scientists counted a record 747 bears in 2020, which is a large increase compared to 2017 and a population of 589 bears.

According to Dr. Karin Road, of the Alaska Science Center, polar bears in Russia are “larger, healthier, and have a higher reproduction rate than bears living in the South Beaufort Sea.” Scientists also believe that Russian territory has better access to more food for polar bears.

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