Drink coffee to get rid of visceral fat, says expert, backed by research

We all have a certain amount of visceral fat stored in our belly. Hidden deep under the skin, it is necessary to protect and insulate organs. However, excess visceral fat has been linked to a number of potentially life-threatening conditions and diseases, including diabetes and even cancer.

The main reasons for the accumulation of visceral fat are eating too much fatty foods and not exercising enough.

Thus, lifestyle changes can help you reduce belly fat.

One such lifestyle change involves adding coffee to your daily routine.

Speaking to, JustCBD Registered Dietitian Natalia Komova said: “The caffeine in coffee increases thermogenesis, allowing your body to burn more calories.

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“However, I advise you to consume coffee in moderation.

“Intake of large amounts of coffee can lead to irritability, headaches, heart palpitations, nervousness, insomnia and muscle tremors.”

What do the studies say?

This statement has been confirmed by several studies.

One study published in the journal Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition in 2019 found that caffeine can “boost” weight, body mass index (BMI), and body fat reduction.

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The study analyzed results from 13 existing studies with more than 600 participants.

It was found that every time someone doubled their caffeine intake, their weight, BMI, and body fat decreased.

“Overall, the current meta-analysis has shown that caffeine intake may help reduce weight, BMI, and body fat,” the researchers concluded.

A separate 2020 Harvard School of Public Health study found that four cups of coffee a day can reduce body fat by four percent.

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Research reviewer and program director at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Lona Sandon, commented, “Coffee, and more specifically caffeine, has been in the spotlight for many years because of its ability to influence appetite, body weight, and body fat.

“But the exact mechanism of how this might work to reduce body fat is widely debated.”

Sandon warned people that it took six months for the drinkers in the trial to shed a small amount of fat.

“Moderate calorie restriction is more effective than this, along with a good exercise program to change body composition,” she said.

“Excess fat will not disappear quickly if you drink a few cups of coffee a day.”

Another study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked at four studies on the relationship between caffeine and weight loss.

It stated: “In conclusion, caffeine/coffee stimulates the metabolic rate in both control and obese individuals; however, this is accompanied by greater fat oxidation in normal-weight individuals.”

You can get an idea of ​​whether you have too much visceral fat by measuring your waist using your belly button as a marker – for women, 35 inches or more can signal visceral fat, while for men, 40 inches.

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