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Dozens of animals are left unclaimed at Fremont Shelter, they now seek public and community help

OMAHA, Nebraska – In the past month, the number of strays brought to Furever Animal Shelter has steadily increased.

They collected sixteen animals last week, but only four have been claimed.

The president of the refuge, Martha Bang, describes this as uncommon and ominous.

Bang stated that if an animal is not claimed during the first 24 hours, it is often abandoned.

Martha stated that they are currently at capacity and continue to get new animals. It makes it more difficult to find homes for cats and dogs currently in the shelter.

“Our ultimate objective is to place them in excellent homes. Getting their veterinary appointments scheduled has grown more difficult because all veterinarians are busy.”

It is unclear why the animal shelter is receiving additional animals.

People relocate, their new residence does not permit pets, or they fall on hard times and are unable to continue feeding or caring for their pet.

Kelli Stuehmer is a member of Furever Home; she stated that every animal at the shelter has a different routine, and it can be difficult to keep up.

It is emotionally and physically hard on our staff and volunteers.

The shelter has reached out to the community for assistance, requesting foster care for the strays until they are adopted.

“It helps if you’re able to foster an animal for a rescue organization,” added Bang.

Additionally, they wish to inform pet owners who feel incapable of caring for their animal that there are services available.

“We do our best to aid those in need via food pantry donations.”

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