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Douglas County Health Director praise local doctors while recognizing disease intervention specialists day

OMAHA, Nebraska – These people are referred to be the pillars of public health.

“Our disease investigation specialists are the unsung heroes of public health,” said Dr. Lindsay Huse, health director for Douglas County.

According to Huse, much of their work occurs behind the scenes.

They were responsible for conducting illness studies and tracking down contacts.

When not working behind the scenes, these specialists assist individuals who have been exposed to sexually transmitted infections and foodborne disorders.

“On a daily basis, these individuals have interactions with others about these extremely delicate matters and are attempting to determine where they caught a disease.” Other people in their lives may have been exposed, and we must educate them extensively to prevent the spread of dangerous diseases.”

As STIs become increasingly prevalent in the United States, according to the Douglas County Health Department, these disease specialists are in more demand.

Huse stated, “It’s not necessarily surprising.”

She stated that sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in Omaha as of 2021, particularly chlamydia at a rate of 6% and syphilis at a rate of 21%. Gonorrhea, on the other hand, has fallen by 76%.

She also stated that the pandemic is a key contributor to the increase of STIs.

“The pandemic was essentially two years of high levels of worry, and stress frequently leads to riskier conduct.”

Alejandra Rebolledo-Gomez is the supervisor of STI Control. She can attest to that. She oversees all of the illness specialists’ investigations.

She states that the development of STIs has required them to be flexible, but they are here to assist the community.

“We simply wish to break the transmission loop,” Rebolledo-Gomez stated.

Huse also hopes that more people will recognize disease specialists and the significance of their work.

“We are proud of them, and today is a day to recognize all their hard work,” added Huse.

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