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Doorbell camera captured alleged attempted abduction: Ohio mom and minor girl safe

The girl can be seen in the video standing next to a garbage can at the curb of a front yard when a man, later identified in court documents as 33-year-old Deric McPherson, walks toward her and appears to touch her. He then turns back and drags her down the sidewalk by her arm before she manages to get away. The video ends with the girl running away.

The kid’s mother, Mandie Miller, said on Friday that her daughter was bringing out the garbage, like she had done many times before, when McPherson reached out and touched her daughter. McPherson is accused of having a sexual relationship with the youngster.

According to Miller, McPherson let go after hearing her kid scream, which can be heard on the tape of the incident.

“She came in with a blood-curling scream, she ran into the living room she said, ‘mommy someone tried to take me, he touched my private parts,'” Miller said. “I went outside and saw him walking down the sidewalk.”

Miller stated that both she and her husband attempted to pursue McPherson down the street on foot before Miller’s husband got into his car and continued to pursue McPherson until he was finally taken into custody by Hamilton Police.

Miller stated that she has already begun the process of finding a therapist for her daughter, and that the family is already exploring their relocation options. According to Miller, her daughter has requested that the family relocate.

McPherson is presently being detained in the Butler County Jail on a charge of abduction in the 5th degree, which is a felony.

It is still unknown when McPherson will make his next court appearance.

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