Donald Trump’s held his first rally since the start of the year in Arizona, thousands of supporters came at the event

Florence, Arizona – Former United States President Donald Trump addressed the state of Arizona on Saturday, reiterating that he had won the presidential election two years ago which was stolen in favor of incumbent President Joe Biden, which was hailed by thousands of his supporters.

Some of the most staunch supporters of the Republican arrived in Florence a few days earlier, from the states of Florida and Texas, for example, according to US media.

“It’s over for politicians in Washington to take control of your lives. It’s over with the impositions. “Radical Democrats want to turn the United States into a communist country.”

He reiterated that he had won the presidential election in 2020 and said that “we can not allow them to get away with it.”

Earlier speakers at the rally also sent similar messages. Biden was accused of being “weak” and “disorganized”, and attacked the mainstream media, which declared the Democratic nominee the winner on election day before the results were announced. Speakers talked about how the election was stolen, media bias, open borders on non-selective immigration, and that the United States was causing “ridicule” around the world.

“There is an atmosphere of fun here. This is like Woodstock’s MAGA (acronym for the English version of Trump’s election motto ‘Make America Great Again’). Patriots across the country rallied for the common good of the country. “We love our president,” Jonathan Riches, a Trump supporter, told AFP.

Jennifer Witterbauer, who was among the first to attend the rally, said she had come to hear the truth from Trump. “He always tells the truth about everything. “For the economy, for the situation in the world, in the United States.”

Despite announcing it, Trump did not hold a press conference on Jan. 6, the anniversary after hundreds of thousands of his supporters marched on Capitol Hill to challenge Senate confirmation of Biden’s victory by electoral College votes, his first gathering since October.

Trump said an “enormous” audience had gathered that he could not reach with his eyes, but the media had so far not estimated the number of people present in Florence, but some reported that “it seems to have been less visited” than the previous ones.

The rally was held on agricultural land 100 kilometers from Phoenix, and in addition to Trump, there were Republican officials who persistently denied the results of the presidential election.

Among them was Carrie Lake, who was backed by Trump in this year’s Arizona gubernatorial election. She had previously said she would not confirm Biden’s victory in the state if she were in office at the time.

Mike Liddell, head of MyPillow, who spent millions of dollars trying to challenge the election results by focusing on what he said was machinations through ballot counters, told the crowd he would not give up.

“And I promise you this, there will be no elections with any machines or computers in 2022,” Lindell said.

Trump, who has been banned for life from using the Twitter platform he used to address the public, is now much less directly involved in politics. But he obviously remains very influential in the Republican Party and in the United States in general. Supporting his allegations of electoral fraud, or at least not distancing himself from it, is essential to the survival of Republican congressmen and other voter-backed officials.

Trump rarely gets a chance to appear in the mainstream media after he is not president, but last week he gave an interview to the only public service in the United States – National Public Radio (NPR), in which he recommended vaccination against Covid-19, which was criticized by some his supporters.

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