Doctors Share Five Simple Ways to Ease Brain Fog Caused by Prolonged Covid

Brain fog due to coronavirus infection can lead to slower-than-normal thinking, fuzzy thoughts, forgetfulness, loss of words and mental fatigue, according to the NHS. “Brain fog can be similar to the effects of lack of sleep or stress,” adds the NHS. “Brain fog can develop not only in people who have been hospitalized with coronavirus. This is a normal part of the long Covid.”

Dr. Anisha Patel encourages people suffering from brain fog to learn a new skill that will help the brain work.

“Learn new things… pick a hobby, sew, dance, learn tai chi, learn a new skill, go and put together a 1,000-piece puzzle,” Dr. Patel said.

“All this will help keep our brain active, improve concentration and improve memory.”

On the ITV talk show Lorraine, Dr. Patel recommended being more organized to deal with the fog in your head.

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“Take three or four things [on the list]. When you finish this list, congratulate yourself and you will have a list for the next day, ”she added.

On the air on January 19, 2023, a doctor said that giving space in the house to all things, such as keys and glasses, can help people remember where their things are.

Dr. Amir Khan intervened, who added: “Quit smoking, it will help blood flow to the brain.”

Adhering to a healthy lifestyle is the best way to ease the symptoms of brain fog.

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“Reduce your alcohol intake, gain a healthy weight… overall health is very important for blood flow to the brain,” Dr. Amir said.

Another helpful tip is getting as much quality sleep as possible, which can help improve brain health.

“Your brain is an organ,” Dr. Amir said. “It has to eat and breathe like any of your organs.”

He continued: “It receives food and oxygen through a fluid that passes through tubes called the glymphatic system.

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“Because it eats and breathes, it also produces waste, so the brain needs to be cleansed and the waste needs to be removed so that a new fluid full of food and oxygen can enter.

“This happens while we sleep, so while you sleep, your brain clears up, which is really good for it.”

Dr. Amir added: “In addition, sleep helps strengthen memory. So what you learn during the day while you sleep is fixed in your brain, but a good night’s sleep also helps you learn new things.”

“People who get a good night’s sleep are 40 percent better at absorbing new things the next day.”

Another tip is to spend time outdoors, it can help improve your mood, which can otherwise be negatively affected by brain fog.

“Studies have shown that spending 30 minutes five times a week — about two hours a week on average — in the great outdoors actually improves your mood,” Dr. Amir said.

“Coldly. Put on your big coat, go outside and spend some time in nature – it will be very good for you. [you].”

Five tips to get rid of fog in the head

  1. Learn a new skill
  2. Be more organized
  3. Lead a healthy lifestyle
  4. sleep well
  5. Take a walk outside.

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