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Doctors say it’s miracle: Bow and arrow accident in his yard almost fatal for Council Bluffs man

OMAHA, Nebraska – “I immediately saw the sight on his face and the sound in his voice and thought, ‘No, I have to get out there,'” she said. His wife, Tracy Clingenpeel, described the experience as “terrifying.”

The accident that occurred with Jeremy Clingenpeel and his bow and arrow caused his family to be in disbelief.

“I honestly believed that this was it. As I was saying, I have children who are five and six years old, and they adore this man to the point that they worship the ground he walks on. The question then becomes, “How can I shake up the calm my children have created for themselves and make them face the reality of death?” remarked Brittany Sanford, who is his niece.

Target practice was something that Jeremy and his son Colton planned to do in advance of the next hunting season, and they chose to do it next to their house. Colton was positioned to the left of the mound to strike a target bag that was there. Jeremy was strolling on the right side of the sidewalk to say “Hi” to the young girl who lived next door. At that moment, there was a problem with Colton’s bow, and the arrow went in the wrong direction, striking his father in the left side.

“Considering that an arrow had just been removed from his chest wall, my husband seemed very composed.”

The footage from the Ring security camera showed the father making his way across the driveway to fetch assistance. In the footage, he can be seen walking around with an arrow protruding from his side. 6 News was able to obtain a copy of the police report, which said that the occurrence in question was an accident. In addition, the arrow had penetrated Jeremy’s side by somewhere between six and eight inches.

“I stabilized the arrow because every time he took a breath, he would scream in pain, and it was driving me crazy,” said the archer. Therefore, I would just hold it in place until the emergency medical services arrived,” his wife added.

When the emergency medical services arrived within ten minutes, that’s when things started to go badly for Clingenpeel. The tightness in his chest increased, and the agony was getting greater.

“The pointy end is still in my husband,” the wife said. They were unable to locate it.

He is currently in the intensive care unit and his condition is stable.

The family has been told by the medical staff that it is a wonder that he ever survived. They predict that Jeremy will most likely make a full recovery, but they do not know when he will be able to go back home.

Now, the family is concerned about the protracted process of getting better. Especially considering that his wife Tracy, who used to work as a nurse, was only given a diagnosis of a debilitating neurological condition a year ago.

The family’s current worries center on their finances as well as the cost of care. Jeremy was employed in garbage management on a full-time basis. In addition to that, he accompanied his wife to all of her scheduled weekly doctor appointments. She claims that he even assisted with day-to-day activities like taking a shower or bath for her.

“A significant concern is, ‘Will I have access to the medication I need?'” Will I be able to acquire the medical attention that I require? Will he have access to the necessary medical attention when he requires it?'”

According to Tracy, they pay thousands of dollars for her medication every month. Now add in the cost of her husband’s medical treatment.

His son established a GoFundMe campaign in order to collect money for the family’s financial needs.

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